Chicken Roncho

Check out the new What Up Mang single “Chicken Roncho.” Now available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and other fine streaming platforms.

“Chicken Roncho” official music video



What Up Mang James Caty Live Concert

What Up Mang began life as the music project of San Francisco songwriter/producer James Carnes. Accompanied by his neighbor Caty McKenna and his landlord Scott Mayfield, the band seamlessly blended electronic dance music and psychedelic pop on their first album, Golden Hour. With the addition of guitarist Matt Browning and drummer Jonny Bartlett, the group then dipped their toes into the unsanitary waters of garage rock on their second album, Floral. This album tackled serious themes like the death of a close friend and the challenges of squeezing out a decent life in the Bay Area. Since their inception in 2014, What Up Mang has shared the stage with a strange collection of acts including Men Without Hats, Public Service Broadcasting, The Flavr Blue, Marc E. Bassy, and Twenty and Bored.


“Go To Waste” directed by Curse of the Derse

“Doctor Please” directed by Joseph Foulk

“Achy Breaky Heart” directed by James Carnes

“Lone Wolf” directed by Curse of the Derse

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No upcoming shows at the moment, but here’s a taste of the magic you missed

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