The Madden Cruiser

Our crew outside John Madden’s original 1987 “Madden Cruiser” bus

This is likely to be one of the only football-related posts you’ll see on this site.

This summer, we visited our friends in Canton, Ohio, which is home to the Football Hall of Fame. By coincidence it happened to be hall of fame induction weekend (or the “enshrinement” as the NFL calls it), so our friends took us down to see the activities. The NFL filled the parking lots outside the hall of fame stadium with fan activities and attractions. It was similar to the Super Bowl Village that was installed on the Embarcadero a few years ago when the Super Bowl was played in San Francisco.

For a non-NFL enthusiast like myself, the HoF fiasco seems a bit like false idol worship and I didn’t find much of interest there beyond the $10 beers. The exception was John Madden’s old “Madden Cruiser” bus that the NFL had on display in the parking lot. As the story goes, John Madden didn’t like to fly so he traveled to all of the games that he announced via this converted greyhound bus. The bus is in its original condition and the interior had the musty smell that you would expect of a 30 year old motorhome. It was a neat automobile time capsule from 1987.

The interior of the Madden Cruiser. The table on the right has a picture of John Madden sitting at that same table back in the late 80s.
The Madden Cruiser kitchen. The bus was state of the art when it was built in 1987, but looks and smells quite dated now. The exception might be the microwave, because microwave design really hasn’t evolved since then.
Madden’s bedroom on the Madden Cruiser “where the magic happened.” The devices on the rear wall are video cassette players and a projector is suspended from the ceiling so Madden could study game tape on the road.
About the Madden Cruiser
The Football Hall of Fame and stadium in Canton, Ohio on enshrinement weekend.

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