Automat @ Daily Driver

Automat is a San Francisco pop-up restaurant hosted by Chef Matt Kirk. One of their specialties is making artisan versions of fast-food staples (think spicy chicken sandwiches, crispy tacos, etc).

From the Automat website:

Automat is contemporary California cuisine. We look for the extraordinary within the ordinary. Eclectic and recognizable, we offer modern nostalgia through seasonal ingredients. Chef/Owner, Matt Kirk, is a 14 year restaurant veteran formerly of Lazy Bear, Radius, and Spruce in San Francisco. A Bay Area native, Matt is inspired by local ingredients, the eclectic nature of California cuisine and classic American staples.

Matt happens to be a good friend and we frequent his pop-up events on the regular. Tonight, they set up shop at a hot new spot called Daily Driver in the Dog Patch which specializes in organic wood-fired bagels. I had a few beers, a Daily Driver pretzel, and a crispy chicken sandwich. It was great.

Our crew rolling hard in the Dogpatch
Fried chicken and beer? Hmmm…Ok
The scene inside Daily Driver
It’s a beautiful cafe
This is Matt
Matt’s footwear
Sam and Molly
Young Wilce
Crispy fried chicken sandwich with cabbage and seaweed green goddess
Toast with tomatoes and nasturtiums
Molly, Frank, Shelly, Sam
Semifreddo on strawberry buckwheat shortbread