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Faucherie Lake: California Alpine Paradise

Faucherie Lake, California

The Sierra Nevada mountains are littered with hundreds of spectacular alpine lakes. Unfortunately, most of them are inaccessible to the general public because they’re so remote. One of the grandest exceptions is Faucherie Lake in the Tahoe National Forest. I wouldn’t say that Faucherie is easily accessible because you have to drive two hours off-road to reach it. But if you have the right vehicle and a little time on your hands, it can be very rewarding. Our friends, Eric and Anna, somehow scored a rare reservation at the group campsite at Faucherie a few weekends ago and we were lucky enough to join them.

Here’s how Eric described it:

Faucherie Lake is one of California’s most coveted campsites. A high alpine lake surrounded by Tahoe National Forest and a series of waterfalls. It is at the end of a 4 mile single lane dirt service road that has a locked gate at the start. There are 2 lakeside camping loops that each support 25+ people with grills, fire rings, bear proof lockers, toilets and garbage service. We have reserved both loops, so we will have all camping facilities and the entire lake to ourselves.

Our group was large (29 adults and 20 children) and it was an amazing experience. If you ever find yourself at a lake like this, take my advice and get one of those redneck inflatable floating islands and a backcountry pizza oven. You can thank me later.

Here’s a short film I shot about life on Faucherie Lake:

And here are a few photos:

Our crew of nearly 50 friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends’ friends, spent most of the weekend lounging like cold-blooded reptiles on the rocks of Faucherie Lake. We would occasionally rise to swim or crack a cold brew. If we were feeling ambitious, we would skip rocks. A day spent skipping rocks is a pretty good day.
The view of Faucherie Lake from our campsite.
The kids were bouncing around on this redneck island in the lake for about 14 hours on Saturday. Definitely the highlight of Lola’s trip.
Always a good time getting rad out in the wilderness.
This is Hunter.
Recreation is one of the lake’s many uses.
The world’s smallest What Up Mang cover band.
Camp Faucherie. If you count, there are like 50 humans in our crew.