Eddie Money and Ric Okasek

This week was a horrible week for rock and roll. First, Daniel Johnston died on September 11, then Eddie Money on September 13, and finally Ric Ocasek on September 15. Death really does come in threes.

I can’t say I was ever a huge Eddie Money fan, but the he had an undeniable string of hits from the late-70s through the 80s. At least three of his songs are absolute classics:

“Two Tickets to Paradise” (1978)

“Baby Hold On” (1978)

“Take Me Home Tonight” (1986)

He also has a handful of other instantly recognizable classic rock radio staples, including “Give Me Some Water”, “I Wanna Go Back”, “Walk on Water”, and “Shakin.” Eddie Money died at age 70 of esophageal cancer.

Ric Ocasek holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. One is that my dad told me that the night I was born, he came home from the hospital (this was before they let the dad’s spend the night) and went over to one of his friend’s apartments and listened a new album by a band called the Cars. For better or worse, this was the music of the day when I was born. (Somewhat related to this – Later in life, I can recall the first songs that both of my children heard after they were born. When we took our daughter, Lola, home from the hospital the first MP3 that randomly came on shuffle in the car was “Santa Fe” by Beirut. When my son, Wilce, was born two years later, it was “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.) The second reason Ric Ocasek holds a special place in my heart is that he produced Weezer’s “Blue Album” which was part of the soundtrack of my early teens. Ric Okasec was 75 and died of natural causes while recovering from surgery.

“My Best Friend’s Girl” (1978)

“Just What I Needed” (1978)

“Good Times Roll” (1978)